In addition to being an internationally known crew agent, Erica Lay is also a published writer. Bet you didn’t know that did you? She has worked with a number of highly regarded yachting publications over the years and currently has regular columns in Onboard Magazine. Whether you're looking for your first job on a yacht or you've been in the industry for eons, here is a selection of her work especially for you; here you can find helpful information regarding how to make the most of your yachting CV, tips and advice for dockwalking and networking, developing your yachting career, and also some fun stuff to help you be the best yacht crew and keep at the top of your game.



So you’ve signed up with EL CREW CO. What happens next? EL CREW CO is an easy to register, easy to navigate site for crew seeking work. Honestly, I designed it based on years of experience; I know you’ll have dodgy internet connections, or be working off your phones, so I made the site user friendly for tablets and mobiles too.


Every time you log on, it’s recorded. That’s how easy it is to check in with EL CREW CO. When we run a search on the database for specific crew, those who’ve been online most recently will be contacted first.


When jobs come in demanding certain locations, languages or qualifications, these details will be entered in to search the thousands of crew registered. If you haven’t updated your info, you could miss out on your dream job. Also, if you lose your phone or change your number, make sure you update the website. If we can’t get hold of you, we can’t send your CV. Make sure you have uploaded your CV and supporting documents and completed your registration with all the important stuff (e.g. contact info, DOB etc). Without this, your application to jobs can’t be considered.


Couldn’t be easier. Read the job spec carefully and apply if you’re keen, available and fit the bill. If you have any questions, or you’re unsure, drop us a line using one of the email adds on the About page. Your CV will be sent if you meet the requirements; don’t be offended if we don’t email you to let you know a job has closed, there are thousands of crew registered and sadly we can’t contact every single applicant. Instead, the website is set up so on your profile page, you can see if a job you have applied for is still recruiting or not. The EL CREW CO page is live. As soon as a job comes in, it will be posted. When it’s filled, it’s removed. There are no dummy jobs or old jobs on the vacancy page. I will not waste your time.

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THANK YOU!! EL CREW CO wouldn´t be able to achieve what it does without support of the EL CREW CO Commmunity. Massive thanks to everyone who sent photos for the website - all photos on this site are by crew.

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  • AJ Pass
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I promise… I won’t send you impersonal group emails, or promotions for other companies. Sometimes it takes a little longer to get a reply as a result of this ethos so please be patient during those busy times. Good luck out there!

– Erica Lay

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